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  1. Pinol Guitars and Ukuleles covers against defective materials and hand craftsmanship, to the original owner only, only if the original owner meets all conditions listed below...

  2. Experimenting with different tops is something normal for all luthiers , but using a soft tonewood and a hard tonewood together is something that not many are brave enough to build. Why do we have to conform and immitate the mainstream brands?..

  3. Buying Custom Guitars -  ..

  4. Acoustic Electric Steel String Guitar w/t Cocobolo back/sides by Pinol

    The custom world has been around far longer than the mass-produced factory made one's, but calling one better than the other..

  5. Professional Custom Tenor Ukulele Granadillo Sides and Back Cocobolo Middle by Pinol

    Is the country where the instruments are built important or the craftsmanship, sound and overall price ?..

  6. Pinol Guitars and Ukuleles custom made a tenor ukulele for EmiSunshine. This 11 year old force to be reckoned with in the music industry is the future of Country Music...

  7. Pinol Guitars Opens Doors With Their Unique & Affordable Handmade Guitars...

  8. George Gruhn Playing Pinol Guitars 1st " The Cowboy 000 " Series AT His Shop...

  9. How To Make A Custom Luthier Handmade Guitar or Ukulele..