Beyond the Fretboard! Why are Custom Handmade Professional Ukuleles & Guitars The Dominant Instrument of the 21th century?

Custom Professional Handmade ukulele & guitar players can get caught up in executing that blazing 16th note scale run at 180 BPM, that we forget about the true strengths of the instruments.

Unlike the piano, for example, the Custom Professional Handmade ukulele & guitar offers us the opportunity to manipulate a note in various creative ways.This kind of versatility is what helped the Custom Professional Handmade ukulele & guitar earn its status as the dominant instrument of the 21th century.

It clearly takes devotion and self-discipline, but the task is simple enough; practice, practice, practice.

An unfortunate reality check for musicians is the realization that not everyone cares about how fast you can play. You can get as creative as we want with our expressive options such as bending, vibrato, sliding, hammer-Ons, pull-offs, tap harmonics ... you get the idea.

Does this mean you have to rethink your approach to a Custom Professional Handmade ukulele or guitar playing? Not at all; the key is to always strive for that balance.

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