Custom Acoustic OM 000 Martin Body Style Guitars and Custom Handcrafted Luthier Ukuleles

Acoustic Electric Steel String Guitar w/t Cocobolo back/sides by Pinol

The custom world has been around far longer than the mass-produced factory made one's, but calling one better than the other is something that only players can decide.

It is obvious that in order to be a great player you really don't need an expensive custom acoustic guitar or custom ukulele , so why are custom builders still around and continuing to strive although the mass-produced guitars and ukuleles are way more affordable.

I'm not a guitar or ukulele player but have relationships with a few great guitar and ukulele professional musicians and all of them have a custom instrument in their collection. I've always been curious to know what makes someone purchase an instrument 10 times what a similar one " COPY " would cost , and have concluded based on the answers my friends have given me that it ultimately lies on the craftsmanship and overall playability a custom handcrafted acoustic guitar or custom handcrafted ukulele brings to the table! 

A Master luthier ( String Instrument Maker ) has the ability to construct a high level instrument because he/she works with that particular instrument for over 100 hours and an average of 30 days. That gives the custom acoustic guitars and custom ukuleles an advantage over any mass-produced guitar or ukulele. 

Luthiers are able to choose different tonewoods that have been inspected for the sole purpose of making that particular instrument. Also, the client knows that building that custom guitar or ukulele took an artisan many hours of work therefore creating a piece of functional art that will last a lifetime. 

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