Custom Handcrafted Ukulele Made In The USA vs. Custom Handcrafted Ukuleles Made Outside The USA

Professional Custom Tenor Ukulele Granadillo Sides and Back Cocobolo Middle by Pinol

Is the country where the instruments are built important or the craftsmanship, sound and overall price ?

Once in a while I have a customer that will question my craftsmanship based on where I build my instruments. Although I'm a Master American Luthier and I have proven to build great custom guitars and ukuleles over the years, I feel that my American clients belief that I might not be as good as my comrade just because of where I make my instruments. 

Although the questions do not bother me at all , I find that when asked that question it is a great opportunity for me to discuss the history of luthiery and guitar craftsmanship. We all know that guitars ansd ukuleles come from the old world ( Spain, Germany, Italy etc. ) , but we seem to forget that those same people discovered and conquered the Americas hundreds of years ago. Entertainment has always included a string instrument over the last decades since the Americas was discovered and the need to make additional instruments created new luthiers in order to fill that void. 

I belief that a great luthier can live anywhere in the world without necessarily having to be in the USA to create a great custom acoustic guitar or custom ukulele. 

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