Carrying a Guitar Can Increase The Chances Of You Getting a Date By a Third, According To a Study By Researchers From The University Of South Brittany

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Carrying a guitar can increase the chances of you getting a date by a 1/3 according to researchers from the University of South Brittany.

The study found that women were 31% more likely to give their number to a man carrying a guitar - double the amount of people who would give their number to the same man when he was empty-handed.

But this technique only works if your a man, women are not seen any more or less attractive if they carry a musical instrument.

According to a study by French researchers in Brittany, guys who carry a custom handmade artisan guitar or ukulele are seen as more attractive than sporty-looking men. Carrying an instrument can boost your chances of getting a date by 31%

Researchers Mary Cowan from the University of Stirling, and Anthony Little filmed 40 psychology students - half men and half women - explaining which two items they'd take to a desert island and why, choosing from chocolate, hairspray or a plastic bag.

Even though they hadn't been told about humour, 19 of the 40 students tried to be funny in their responses.

The next 11 students were played audio recordings of these 19 participants and asked to rate them for funniness, and for the attractiveness.

The magazine revealed that 'a key result is that attractive actors were judged to be funnier.'

It added 'men who were considered funnier also tended to be considered more attractive for both short and long term relationships but especially short term.'

The study was led by Professor Nicolas Gueguen, a researcher in behavioral sciences at the University.

Gueguen hired a 20-year-old man to approach 300 women aged between 18 and 22 in a shopping center in Brittany.

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For the first 100 women he was holding a sports bag.

For the next 100 women he approached them holding a custom artisan handmade guitar and ukulele.

And for the final 100 women, the man asked them for their number without anything in his hands.

When the actor was carrying the guitar case, 31% of the women gave them his number.

When he was carrying nothing, 14% of the women gave them his number.

The biggest turn off for the women was when he was carrying the sports bag, which had a success rate of only 9%.

According to research from the University of South Brittany, women are 31% likely to give a man their phone number when he's carrying a guitar. The biggest turn off for women is men carrying sports bags

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Gueguen's findings mirror those from a study carried out by the University of Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion University last year.

In the Israeli study, 100 single women were sent Facebook friend requests with a message that said: 'I like your photo'.

Half of the respondents were sent a request by a man seen strumming a guitar in his profile picture.

The other half were sent a request from the same person, but this time he was empty handed.

Only five (10%) of the 50 women accepted the request, or replied to the message sent by the empty-handed man.

Yet 28% accepted the request, or replied to the message sent by the man holding a guitar.

The French researchers attribute these findings to the fact that playing a custom handmade artisan guitar or ukulele is a sign that the man is intelligent, can learn, or is willing to learn, new skills and has independent hobbies.

They believe there may also be a link between how musicians are portrayed in the media, and that holding a guitar is a sign of wealth and status.

The team from the University of South Brittany also wanted to test whether the same theory was true when it came to female musicians.

Gueguen's team repeated the Israeli study, but used females to send the friend requests.

He found there was no difference in the response rate of the men she sent requests to whether she was holding a guitar or not.

This suggests that its only women who consider playing an instrument to be an attractive trait

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