How To Be a Custom Handmade Guitar/Ukulele God!

Pinol Guitar's Non-Profit Organization Helping Nicaraguan Kids

1. Start playing a custom handmade guitar/ukulele now
2. Practice until your fingers bleed
3. Surround yourself with talented musicians
4. Be precise
5. Learn how to read music for custom handmade guitars/ukuleles
6. Study classical music
7. Learn the ins and outs of reading music ( All Music )
8. Understand chord theory
9. Play with emotion
10. Buy a Custom Handmade Pinol Guitars made by Master Luthiers

• Playing on a cheap guitar/ukulele has its own set of problems that you have to watch out for. A bad enough guitar/ukulele can create bad habits, such as:

• Ruining your pitch perception with a poorly cut nut or warped neck that will never play in tune.

• Also, low-quality guitars/ukuleles make lots of people quit because what they are playing sounds bad and they assume it's their fault when it isn't. A dead fret is a dead fret. You can put a vise on it and it won't matter. So consider these issues when you're thinking about how much money you should invest into a guitar or ukulele. Remember, Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page once said that a beginning guitarist should buy a nice guitar because better equipment fosters better technique. But only do this if you know you can stay committed to playing a custom handmade guitar/ukulele.

• Avoiding some chords and notes because they sound bad on poorly dressed frets

• Pressing so hard on your cheap ukulele/guitar you make all the notes sharp; avoiding the use of correct fingering (to favor "stronger" fingers)

• One big problem with many cheap guitars/ukuleles is that the action, or how far the strings are from the fingerboard, is too high. This makes it tough to fret notes and you may end up pressing too hard. However, this problem is easy to solve. Just take your guitar to a guitar/ukulele shop and they will lower the action, often for free. If they charge, ask whether they do the work in-house or send it out; in the latter case, find out who the real luthier is and establish a relationship with at least one expert guitar/ukulele technician.
• If you have a demanding practice regimen and have a break, work yourself back into it gradually or you may injure yourself.

Thank You to all musicians out there from: Pinol Guitars Advertising Team & Founder/President (Ivan Jimenez Jerez)

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